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  • Flooring FAQs

    What brands of flooring do you install?

    We install Pergo Portfolio WetProtect Laminate Plank flooring, and SmartCore Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring.

    What is Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring?

    Also known as LVP, Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is a waterproof floor made of synthetic material. The flooring is manufactured to resemble hardwood. The Laminate flooring we install is also made of synthetic material, but slightly different material from what is used to make the Luxury Vinyl flooring. It has a thicker solid core and more closely resembles the durability of a hardwood floor. However, it does require an underlayment and takes more time to install than a Luxury Vinyl floor. It is “quieter”, and can be installed over radiant heat.

    What are the advantages of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring and Laminate flooring?

    The specific flooring that we sell and install is non-permeable, which means it is waterproof and “pet proof” unlike hardwood or carpet. Also, both can be installed above, below, or at grade. Both types of floors we install are beautiful and are designed to look and feel like hardwood. The Laminate flooring we offer also has a variety of widths and a few options that look like marble/tile. Both types come with a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential applications.

    What is a floating floor?

    A “floating floor” is created when each plank is connected to the surrounding planks, rather than being glued (or stapled) down to a subfloor.

    Do you install the glue-down type of flooring?

    No. We only install floating floors. The glue-down type of flooring tends to shift and separate over time, whereas the planks in a floating floor are interconnected and do not separate under normal conditions.

    Can a Luxury Vinyl Floor be installed over radiant heat?

    No. Luxury Vinyl cannot be installed over a radiant heating system. You would need to have a Laminate Plank floor installed instead.

    Will you install any other type of flooring?

    Other types of flooring are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss the project.

    How much will it cost to have you install my new floor?

    That depends on many things, which is why we provide free estimates. When we meet with you, we review the following: room layout(s); square footage; number of undercuts and finishing requirements; removal and disposal of old floor; moving of furniture; distance to job site; access to job site; preparation of subfloor; materials; etc. We will break out the costs on the Estimate, and discuss what parts of that process you might be able to take care of yourself to keep your costs down.

    How do I maintain my new floor?

    Maintenance and cleaning is easy with either of our floors. Regularly sweep the floor, and wash the floor occasionally with a neutral cleaner (e.g., Bona). You should always pick up any accidents immediately even though the floor is made of non-porous material. Don’t drag heavy furniture or anything with sharp edges over either floor. If you have a Luxury Vinyl Floor, be sure to use blinds or curtains to cut down on direct sunlight to prevent fading or overheating the floor.

    What is the cost of a Luxury Vinyl Plank floor, or a Laminate Plank floor compared to my other options?

    See the table below for details.

    Type of FloorAvg Cost of Material per SFAvg Cost of Installation per SFTotal Cost per 100 SFAverage DurabilityCost of Ownership after 20 Years
    Luxury Vinyl / Laminate$3.50$3.00$65020 years$650
    Tile$3.00$5.00$80020 years$800
    Carpet (plus backing)$1.50$2.00$3505 years$1,400
    Prefinished Hardwood$5.00$8.00$1,30010 years$1,600